Noticing Yard Depressions Near Your Home?

Yard depressions, ruts, and low spots are not only unsightly nuisances but also a potential safety hazard. Uneven ground makes simple tasks such as walking, mowing, and playing dangerous. The good news is that these problems are often easy to correct with help from a professional.

What Causes Depressions in Yards

There are many natural occurrences that can lead to depressions, ruts, or low spots in a yard. This includes:

  • Burrowing animals
  • Tree or root system decay
  • Heavily saturated soils being overused

All of these can lead to serious depressions in your yard that can gather water and create further problems.

Do I Need to Fix This?

Depressions, ruts, and low spots in lawns are typically not a critical problem. However, depressions can create a place where water can collect or improperly drain in a yard. This can, in certain instances, create potential foundation problems or basement flooding. Additionally, improving the exterior appearance of your home is often an inexpensive way to improve the value of your home and curbside appeal. In addition, these problems create potential trip-hazards and inconveniences for outdoor activities. Repairing them will create a more enjoyable outdoor experience for you and your family.Water pooling around a tree planted outside

Our Yard Depression Solution

The best solution for these problems is to fill the depression with soil mixed with compost. If turf is present in the depressed area, it is important to lift the sod before filling it. Once the depression has been filled with soil, the sod can be replaced and watered. Ruts or areas where the soil has been compacted should be loosened prior to filling, in order to facilitate the growth of grass root systems. Burrowing pests must be handled by a pest-control professional prior to filling.

Trust Adams Foundation Repair

Our team of foundation specialists has the knowledge and experience to assist with a variety of problems due to foundation or water issues. Proper grading and rainwater drainage are critical for a successful foundation and dry basement or crawl space. If you have noticed low spots, depressions, or ruts in your yard, our team of experts can help. Give us a call today to get your free quote today!

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