What is Polyjacking and Why is it Important?

Do you notice cracks, gaps or slight separation in your home’s foundation?  Maybe it’s your walkway, driveway, or patio that is uneven or sinking.  Not only is uneven concrete unappealing, it’s also a safety hazard.  It may be time to get your concrete leveled to make sure it’s safe and doesn’t become a re-occurring issue.

Polyjacking, or polyurethane concrete leveling, is a popular, simple, and long-lasting service that Adams Foundation Repair offers in the St. Louis area.  Over time, it’s common for your foundation to shift and move, especially when excess water, like rain or snow, soaks the ground.  Let’s face it, Missouri is notorious for Spring showers and unpredictable snow.  Although, keep in mind, when soil becomes dry due to a drought, it shrinks and creates cracks and gaps in your concrete as well.

Our foundation repair experts will create small holes about the size of a dime, and then inject the polyurethane material into them.  Once the polyurethane begins expanding, it will lift your concrete slab, stabilize it, and level out the surface.  This is a much less invasive process than other options and not as costly as replacing concrete (which won’t fix the root of the problem).  You want a solution that lasts and repairs your concrete properly.

Concrete leveling in St. Charles County & St. Louis County

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