Wall Stabilization for Concrete or Cinder block

Wall anchor fixing a bowing wall

Wall Anchors installedWhile you may not give them a tremendous amount of thought, your basement walls are a vital part of your property. In fact, they are the very foundation of your house. Therefore, a wall that begins to lean is a serious concern. It’s one of those problems that is never going to get better—it’s only going to get worse—and for that reason, it should not be ignored.

There are a number of reasons why walls, typically concrete or cinderblock, may require stabilization. These include, but are not limited to, hydrostatic water pressure and/or the expansion and contraction of surrounding soil pushing on your foundation. As force is pushed against your foundation walls, they can begin to bow inward. One of the first signs of this may be cracks—something you might notice before you notice a visible lean to your wall.

What is the Solution for Wall Stabilization?

There are two key solutions for wall stabilization. The first being a wall anchor system. This is an effective wall stabilization solution, however, because it’s necessary to drive the anchors 12 feet out, it is a solution that cannot be used in homes that are close together—as many are in this region.

In that case, a Stabilizer Wall Straightening System is going to be the most effective solution. This system costs relatively the same amount as wall anchors but will work in tighter spaces. Unlike wall anchors, this system is installed entirely on the inside of the home.

An Effective, Proven Solution

At Adams, we work with Richtech Industries’ Stabilizer Foundation Reinforcement System, which is a pre-engineered, effective and permanent solution to restore structural integrity to a foundation wall. Bowed, sheared, or tipped walls can be quickly repaired and restored with no outdoor excavation.

We provide a 10-year warranty on this system, giving you the peace of mind that it’s a solution which will last.

Time is of the Essence

Carbon Fiber Foundation RepairWhile a lot of people are prone to believing that foundation repair companies push for speedy repairs as a marketing angle, the truth is, serious foundation problems really do require swift action. Problems such as a bowing wall are simply never going to recover on their own—and will only get worse with time. If you let a problem like this go on for too long, you risk the wall ultimately failing.

In most cases, when we arrive at homes, the problem is not beyond help. However, we have been out to properties in which walls are leaning a foot—and when it’s that bad, there’s often nothing that we can do. At that point, you will require a whole new foundation—and that can get costly.

If you’ve noticed that a wall has begun to lean—or you’re noticing any other signs that you’re experiencing a foundation problem—then time is truly of the essence. The faster that you have a professional out to examine your foundation and suggest potential solutions, the better chance that you’ll have of preventing a problem from getting worse. You’ll save yourself a tremendous amount of dollars and stress by acting fast.

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