Top 3 Foundation Problems with Older Homes

As Maren Morris sang, “The house won’t fall when the bones are good.”

Your home’s foundation is everything.  If you’re an admirer of historic or older homes, it’s important to make sure its “bones are good.”  Typical wear and tear is expected, but when you buy an older home, or choose to remodel, you also take on special challenges and will need to keep an eye out for foundation issues.

Typically if you home is older than 30 years, you could very well have foundation issues.  Older homes are common for having foundation problems, so it maybe be time to call your local foundation repair experts at Adams Foundation Repair.

Common foundation issues include windows and doors that stick (or won’t open and close properly), foundation cracks, and uneven and sagging floors.

Windows & Doors

Are your windows or doors sticking or not closing correctly?  If this is a constant issue for you, you may have foundation issues that need to be addressed.  When a home foundation begins sinking or shifting, it’s common for your windows and doors to become uneven.  You might notice you have a hard time opening and closing them.

Foundation Cracks

Do you see cracks in your home’s interior or exterior walls?  If you spot a crack more than a ¼-inch wide, you may have a serious problem.   Stair-step cracking is very common in brick or concrete homes, and looks like a zig-zag shape in your exterior foundation.  This foundation issue should be addressed as soon as possible.

Uneven/Sagging Floors

Are your floors uneven?  If you were to place a marble on the floor, would it roll?  It’s easy to ignore your home’s uneven or sagging floors and think of this as a “character trait,” but this will only lead to more serious issues.  Uneven and sagging floors is often a structural issue, and could also be foundation damage.  It’s crucial to CALL Adams Foundation Repair, your trusted St. Louis and St. Charles County Foundation Repair experts, and schedule an inspection.

Call An Expert

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