Need to Fix Your Sagging Floor?

Because crawl spaces are beneath your home, they can easily be forgotten. Problems can accumulate and build for years before you notice any sign of the problem. If you have noticed signs of potential crawl space problems such as sagging or flexing floors, Adams Foundation Repair has the knowledge and experience to help you. Continue reading below to learn how!

What Causes a Sagging Floor?

Homes with crawl spaces are supported by the foundation (around the exterior of the structure) and several support piers (spaced uniformly underneath the home). As the moisture of the soil supporting the structure of your home changes, those piers can shift and settle unevenly, creating areas in which the floor joists are supported unevenly.Crawl Space Stabilizers installed in crawl space

Do I Need to Fix This?

A sagging floor is often a sign that a home may be experiencing potentially severe foundation problems. Over time, if left unrepaired, the foundation problems will only worsen and become more costly to repair. Homeowners are well advised to have a foundation repair specialist fix any problems as soon as possible to avoid dangerous living conditions and more costly repairs in the future.

Our Sagging Floors Solution

There are a variety of options to provide additional support to weakened floor joists. However, in our experience, the best solution is to use heavy-duty galvanized steel support jacks in combination with concrete footings and piers to distribute the weight across the soil. Galvanized steel resists corrosion allowing these jacks to be adjusted as needed over time. After inspection, our specialists can determine whether or not you need this solution.

Trust Adams Foundation Repair

Our team of professionals has extensive experience repairing foundation, basement, and crawl space problems throughout the St. Louis area. We believe in honesty and providing the highest quality repair at competitive rates for our clients. Our mission is to help homeowners protect their families and the value of their homes by providing proven solutions to basement and foundation problems. If you are ready to fix your sagging floor, give us a call today to get your free quote!

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