Fix Your Brick With Tuckpointing in St. Louis

Applying Mortar Between bricks

It’s not fun to find cracks in any part of your home, especially when you aren’t sure how to fix it. If you have a brick home, you could be at risk for special kinds of cracks that occur when the foundation settles or shifts. Because brick homes are made with slightly different materials than a regular home, they need different solutions to common foundation problems. Adams Foundation Repair can help diagnose the underlying problems in your brick home and treat it with solutions like tuckpointing. Keep reading below to learn more about the process.

What is Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is the process of replacing old and damaged mortar between the bricks of a structure with new mortar. This typically involves grounding out the old mortar, filling in the new grooves, creating uniform grooves, and filling in the uniform grooves with a mortar color that matches the original. This is often done because the old brick is affected by a shifting/settling foundation or natural wear & tear over time. It is important to have this done to your brick if you see that it is deteriorating or damaged because brick contributes to the structural integrity of your home. You may want to try doing this project yourself, but that can become costly and hard to manage with zero experience in the field. Instead, you can trust the professionals at Adams Foundation Repair to save you time, and money, while getting the job done right the first time. We are connected to experts in a variety of fields involving home repair and renovation, so you will never have to worry about whether your St. Louis home is actually being fixed correctly.

What are the Benefits of Tuckpointing?

You might think that tuckpointing brick is just to make your home look nicer, but there are many benefits to performing this service on your brick home, including:

  • Stops corrosion of the mortar joints
  • Stability of structure is restored
  • Prevents water from entering home
  • Cost-effective-prevents tearing down and rebuilding parts of the structure, like with chimneys
  • Value of your home is improved

Overall, if you want to be safe and comfortable in your home, especially if it’s an older brick structure, you’ll want to consider tuckpointing at some point. If you’re ever going to move to a different home, you’ll also want to look into tuckpointing to preserve the value of your home and make it easier to sell. You can’t lose when you choose a professional to fix your brick.

Trust Adams Foundation Repair

At our company, we believe in quality service done right the first time. Trust our experts to handle all your home’s tuckpointing needs. We will always come to your home first to assess the severity of the situation before devising a plan or doing any work. We will then be able to bring the best tools for the job. We value great customer service and experience, so you can rest assured that our professionals will provide you with the best service for the best price. We want you to feel safe and comfortable in your own home. Call today for more information or to receive a quote!