Try an Interior Drain Tile System in St. Louis

Prepared and ready for interior foundation drain tile installation

Water in your basement is more than just a hassle—it’s a potentially destructive problem that can ruin furniture, drywall, framing, or even your home’s foundation and can lead to serious basement flooding. Even if you don’t have your basement finished but you use it for storage, water can damage anything that’s kept on the floor. Worst of all is its impact on your family’s health. After all, mold spores can spread rapidly in moist or wet areas.

If you have a basement water problem, then you need an effective solution in order to address these concerns and restore your peace of mind.

What Waterproofing Options Are Available?

While a sump pit and sump pump are an important piece of the puzzle—sump pump installation is not a complete solution. That’s because they’ll only resolve water issues within the general area of the pit. What you really need is an interior tile drain system, which will capture water at its most common point of entry—the basement floor/wall joint—and direct it into the sump pit where it will be flushed out and away from your home. Drain tile installation is a comprehensive solution that will prevent you from having to remove finished walls and further waterproof your basement.

At Adams Foundation Repair & Waterproofing, we install the patented Hydro-Channel Basement Drainage System, a highly durable and proven system. You can be sure that you won’t need further waterproofing work when you trust our professionals to install this comprehensive drainage system in your St. Louis home.

Try an Interior Tile Drain System

As opposed to an exterior drain system, which is another option, yet one that is more labor-intensive, interior drain systems are more cost-effective. Installing the system on the inside also avoids exterior damage from the weather or even root systems, which are prone to growing into exterior drainage systems.

By taking this important step and having an interior tile drain system installed, you’re doing what it takes to protect your investment in your basement—and your home’s value. You’re also protecting your family’s health by preventing the growth of mold due to water seepage. This simple step increases your home’s value, protects your family’s health, and improves the stability of the structure, all by making the call to install.

Choose the professionals at Adams Foundation Repair for quality, cost-effective work that will stand the test of time and the elements. Call today to get a free quote on your interior drain tile system installation!


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