We Are Your Grading & Excavation Contractors in St. Louis

Heavy machinery performing excavation outside a home

Grading and excavation are two important steps to complete before any construction work can be done on a home or business. It is also essential for many different types of foundation repair or basement waterproofing techniques. If you are interested in a new construction project or need work done on your current property, choose experts you can trust, like those at Adams Foundation Repair.

Looking to Add an Addition to Your Home or Business?

Adding to your home can be an exciting but stressful experience. You may be doing some or all of the construction yourself, but prep work is just as important as the build. If you are new to construction practices and don’t want to spend a fortune on renting equipment, trust Adams Foundation Repair. We have professional excavation contractors in St. Louis who can excavate and grade your property the right way, without having to come back for repairs.

What is Grading/Excavation?

Before the building can begin, it is important to excavate and grade a property. Excavation involves removing any obstacles and changing the shape of the plot of land. If the area around your home has a lot of debris like stumps or boulders, it is necessary to clear this before setting the foundation. We have four pieces of heavy machinery that specialize in this kind of work, so we can assure the job is done right. After the excavating part, it is also important to grade the lot. Grading involves a machine with a spade-like feature that scrapes along the ground. This pushes down the soil into an even layer, to reduce the number of bumps or pits on the property. This makes an even, safer environment for the contractors to build on. This is also important for foundation work because it helps the foundation builder have a clean, easy surface to work on so they can install the supports correctly the first time.

Call Adams Foundation Repair

If you’re looking to build on your property or are opening up a new commercial business, Adams Foundation Repair can help. We offer the tools and expertise to start your construction job off right. Grading and excavation are critical steps in the building process. You don’t want to trust just anybody. We promise the job will be done right the first time. If you are interested in our services, call today. You’ll be glad you did!

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