We Install Foundation Wall Anchors
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Installed Foundation Wall Anchors

Your foundation walls are designed to withstand the weight of your house and its contents but they also must be able to handle the pressure of soil pushing in laterally.  These kinds of structural problems with your walls can lead to devastating damage to your home, even a foundation wall falling in or collapsing.

If you have cracks in the corners of your foundation or horizontal or stair step cracking (cracking along the mortar in a cinder block wall), you should seek professional help.  Even without cracking, your walls may bow inward due to the soil pressure pushing in. Damage to your foundation walls can be caused  by several things, including:

  • Changes in moisture
  • Changes in temperature due to changing seasons
  • Heavy front porch or sidewalk putting pressure on your home.

Fortunately, there are several ways to remedy the problem with foundation wall anchors and structural support (depending on the severity) so that you can feel safe and comfortable in your St. Louis home.

Man installing a Rich Tech StabilizerRich Tech Stabilizer Beam

A Rich Tech Stabilizer beam is put into place when there is a minor bend of 2” or less. The beam is a pre-engineered, permanent solution that will restore the structural integrity of your foundation in no time. You can also repair bowed, sheared, and tipped walls with the use of steel beams. At Adams Foundation Repair, we want to use the solution that works best for you while never sacrificing quality, which is why we use the cost-effective, quick to install Rich Tech Stabilizer beam.

How Does It Work?

To install the beam, we use a system of brackets on the top and bottom of the affected part of your wall. We then drill into the concrete to finish installing the beam vertically, using concrete anchors at the base. The beam and supporting wood planks installed above the beam brackets then stabilize the wall to its original functionality, protecting against any future damage.

Since many of you probably aren’t foundation repair experts, this may seem like a daunting task. You never have to worry when you choose our team. Professionals at Adams Foundation Repair can work with you to determine whether your home needs a Rich Tech Stabilizer beam or if another fix will work better.


Carbon-Fiber Reinforcements

This is another option for foundation repair, usually used when the damage is minor. Carbon fiber is an extremely strong material and is woven into strips that are epoxied onto the wall.  They’re virtually indestructible and won’t stretch or break. Once completed, the repair is permanent and requires no further maintenance. You can even paint over it so you hardly know it’s there.  You don’t have to worry about cost either, as this repair option is relatively inexpensive.

Wall Anchor Systems

Also known as tie-backs, these systems are used when there is more severe damage such as a wall shifting back more than a couple of inches or when bowing is more pronounced.  To install the system, anchors are inserted deep into the soil to relieve the pressure and disperse the load. Once this has been done, the foundation walls can be moved back into alignment.

Other methods for structural repair include:

  • Steel posts
  • Block or concrete piers
  • Reinforcing bars

Trust Adams

The experts at Adams Foundation Repair will always be able to determine which solution would work best for stabilizing your foundation walls safely versus you trying to figure it out yourself. You may think that this kind of home repair is easy and cheaper to do on your own, but our experienced professionals will make sure everything is done correctly the first time. Call today to get started on fixing your home and receive a free quote!


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