Check Out Epoxy Injections For Foundation Repair in St. Louis

Epoxy Injection Repair

Are you finding cracks in your foundation, basement walls, or interior walls? Are you watching them grow and are starting to get worried? Now would be the time to call a professional. We have a wide variety of solutions to fix and prevent cracks of this size. All of our products are proven to last for years to come and we only use the latest technology. Keep reading below to learn more about epoxy injections for crack repair.

What is Epoxy?

Epoxy injection is an old technology that has been replaced by carbon fiber. Epoxy injection is also never to be used for waterproofing. We find that older repairs that have been done with epoxy can leak. Our company has a zero failure rate when we waterproof by injecting polyurethane.

However, epoxy injection is still useful for some kinds of repairs. Epoxy injection is a hardening substance you can use for structural repairs, like cracks under I-beams.

Like other injections, the cause of the crack must be determined before it can be filled. This will help prevent the crack from returning.

How is Epoxy Injected?

We will also not drill into your wall to inject the epoxy. Instead, we use a port that is placed on the surface of the crack and the epoxy is injected into the wall. This will take about 18-24 hours to cure and harden.

We will also do beam pocket packing. When an I-beam is poured too close to the outside wall, it can crack and fall out around the beam. We come in with a material called Xypex (a hydraulic cement that waterproofs by crystallization) and pack it flat with the rest of the wall.

Trust Adams Foundation Repair

As always, speak to a professional before taking any course of action on your home. Call Adams Foundation Repair to learn if epoxy injections are the solution for your home in St. Louis!

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