Try Deep FoamJection in St. Louis

Deep FoamJection Before & After Illustration

What is Deep FoamJection?

Sometimes your home settles a little, causing foundation issues but not enough to justify our more intensive foundation repair methods like piering. Essentially it is a similar process to polyjacking, except with hollow rods driven under the ground. The deeper the foam is injected into the ground, the more it increases the load-bearing capacity of the soil. This saves you time and money down the road with a larger foundation repair project.

Advantages of Deep FoamJection

This process has many advantages that make it a good choice for minimal foundation repair. This process:

  • Repairs dangerously unstable soils
  • Helps support the slabs or structure that have settled
  • Foam follows path of least resistance to fill weak areas
  • Fills areas that collected water or created voids
  • Helps increase the load-bearing capacity of the ground beneath the structure
  • Permanent repair option-will never change shape or absorb water
  • Binds soil together while never leaching chemicals into the soil

Usually, trees help prevent soil settling and erosion by binding the soils together with the roots. In the absence of trees, Deep FoamJection creates man-made roots with the foam.

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