We Install Crawl Space Stabilizers in St. Louis

Crawl Space Stabilizer Installed in Crawl Space

Keeping your crawl space healthy and safe is important to not only the rest of your home’s health and safety but for yours as well. When you’re experiencing damage from flooding, humidity, or dry air, you need professionals that can help get your home back to normal. Adams Foundation Repair only hires the best workers, ensuring you get great customer service and attention to detail every single time.

Why Do I Need a Crawl Space Stabilizer?

If your floor is sagging or bouncy and it’s above your crawl space, this is an indicator of a serious foundation problem. If not fixed, sagging floors can become unsafe, as well as lead to cracks in the walls or baseboard molding. Sometimes, construction errors are the cause of a sagging floor, such as undersized floor joists that can’t support the weight of your home over time. Other times, your home is missing a central beam that can help support the floor joists. Your St. Louis home could also be a victim of sinking or damaged piers that have rotted or shifted over time. When this happens, the support beam sags along with the floor joists.

How Does it Work?

When your floor is sagging or bouncy and you have a crawl space beneath your home, you need a crawl space stabilizer. Our stabilizers are high-capacity, adjustable steel piers that are designed to prevent further sagging of your floors. They can also raise your floor back to its normal level. If your floor settles further, we can adjust the already installed steel piers without further installations or issues. Each steel post is rested on a base of compacted stone, preventing the stabilizers from settling, rotting or shifting like wood posts. Our products are even protected against rust.

Trust Adams Foundation Repair

Don’t let your foundation problems get worse. You’re only endangering you and your family. With our years of experience, we will quickly fix your home without breaking the bank. We’ll even come to your home to assess the situation before making any decisions on how to fix the problem. If you’re ready to fix your sagging floors, give Adams Foundation Repair a call today for your free quote!

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