Ready to Fix Your Leaning Walls in St. Louis?

Has your town experienced heavy rains or flooding recently? Do your basement walls appear to be leaning inward? If so, you may be experiencing or susceptible to a common problem plaguing many homeowners in St. Louis and beyond—leaning walls. This problem can endanger the safety and value of your home if left unrepaired. Fortunately, homeowners in the St. Louis area can rely on Adams Foundation Repair to have the proven solutions and expertise for all their basement and foundation problems.

What Causes Leaning Walls?

During heavy rains or flooding, the soil surrounding your home can become saturated with water. All this extra water in the soil can exert extreme force on foundation walls that go beyond their designed structural capacity. When this happens, those walls may buckle or lean, creating potential dangers of a foundation wall falling in. Wall anchor fixing a bowing wall

Do I Need to Fix This?

A home’s structure is supported by the load-bearing basement and foundation walls. If these walls lean too much, the building’s structural integrity may be compromised. Leaning foundation walls should be addressed and repaired as soon as possible to avoid danger and additional damage.

Our Leaning Wall Solution

Repair solutions like carbon fiber repair or helical piering, depend on the severity of the leaning. If movement is identified early on, carbon fiber straps, helical tiebacks, or steel support braces can be added to prevent any further movement. However, if the movement is too severe, most likely excavation of the soil surrounding the home and straightening or replacing the wall will be necessary.

Trust Adams Foundation Repair

Your family’s safety is too important to trust just any foundation repair company. You need to know that the repairs to your home have been completed right the first time. That’s why homeowners throughout the St. Louis area are trusting Adams Foundation Repair for their foundation problems. Our experienced team of professionals has the knowledge and proven solutions to repair any foundation or basement problems you may experience. Ready to take care of your home? Give us a call today for a free quote!

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