Be Prepared for Missouri Floods









Were you affected by the most recent devastating flooding last month?

Historic flash flooding near the end of July ruined many homes and businesses throughout Missouri.  Some regions in the St. Louis area saw nearly 12 inches of rain!  Rising waters destroyed homes throughout Missouri, some worse than others.

That’s why we must be prepared.  Don’t let water intrusion and flooding cause detrimental damage to your belongings, your living space, and health.  Flooding is frustrating, but luckily Adams Foundation Repair can provide effective waterproofing prevention and solutions to your water issues.  Adams Foundation Repair offers many solutions such as sump pump installation, interior and exterior waterproofing, crawlspace and basement waterproofing, crack injection, and dehumidifiers.

Also keep in mind, excess rainfall can cause bowing walls and cracks in your foundation’s walls due to hydrostatic pressure.  You may need carbon fiber repair, epoxy injection or poly injection, depending on your situation.  It’s important to call your local foundation repair experts as soon as possible because if those cracks grow larger over time, water can enter.

CALL Adams Foundation Repair today!

Are you looking to fix some small leaks?  Was your home affected by recent flooding?  Maybe you’re looking at taking some precautions to avoid water catastrophes.  The good news is Adams Foundation Repair services St. Charles County and St. Louis County and provides waterproofing and foundation repair services.  For affordable waterproofing services you can count on in the St. Louis area, CALL 636-485-8018.

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