How Homeowners Benefit With French Drain Installation

It’s pop quiz time!  What is the approximate weight of a gallon of water?

Did you know a gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds?!

Keep in mind, Missouri is notorious for its showers and thunderstorms, particularly in Spring and early Summer.  Depending on the weather and amount of rainfall, that can be a lot of weight negatively impacting the soil under your home’s foundation, and can cause major damage including shifting foundation.  Water deteriorates the soil around your home’s foundation and sneaks through foundation cracks.  Not to mention, sitting water attracts unwanted pests like mosquitoes.  Proper rainwater drainage is crucial for a healthy foundation.  Adams Foundation Repair understands this and can help you put aside your worries.

Do you notice soil saturation and pooling water on your well-kept lawn?  A French drain may be a great solution.  French drain systems are successful by stopping water damage before it occurs, as well as basement flooding.  A French drain is a perforated pipe system in a gravel-filled trench, created by our foundation repair experts, that directs groundwater away from your foundation.  French drains prevent surface water from pooling and damaging your foundation.  Homeowners can feel at ease knowing water is draining properly with their French drain installation.  French drains are extremely convenient because you have the power of deciding where to direct and expel water.

Are you experiencing drainage issues?  Of course, you’ll need a professional drainage specialist and that’s where Adams Foundation Repair comes in.  A DIY (Do It Yourself) approach is NOT recommended and can result in additional flooding and water issues.  CALL Adams Foundation Repair for your French drain installation in St. Charles and St. Louis County.

From drainage systems to basement waterproofing, Adams Foundation Repair is here to help!  Our foundation specialists can fix your water issues today!  CALL us at 636-485-8018 for a free quote!


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