French Drains: Fix Your Stormwater Woes

Water can cause major frustrations both inside and outside of your home. Excess water and improper lawn drainage can make your outdoor spaces un-useable, which can be incredibly frustrating. For instance, standing water can turn a yard into a muddy mess. It can also attract unwanted mosquitoes to take up residence considering the fact that these pests breed in standing water.

But water woes can be so much more than just an exterior problem.

An excessive build-up of water on your property can also put your foundation at risk. If water has nowhere to go, it can pool at your foundation and wind up seeping into your home, potentially damaging your basement.

Sometimes, a problem like this requires an exterior answer.

One such solution is a French Drain…

A French drain is a gravel-filled trench with a perforated pipe that is used to direct groundwater away from a specific area—such as your home’s foundation. Specifically, this feature will direct water toward the lowest point of your property while allowing it to seep through the surface level gravel and into the drain. Meanwhile, the gravel will block any debris from also entering the water which is collected in the pipe and directed away from the home.

Water is always going to seek out the lowest point on a property and take the easiest route to get there—a French drain just makes it easier. It also gives you the control to direct water where you want it to go, such as a common area where other homes are also draining. The goal is to move water to an un-used space where you don’t mind if it’s soggy—and most importantly, to get it as far away from your home as possible so that it doesn’t begin to impact your foundation.

You May Still Want an Interior Draintile Solution

Of course, while a French drain is going to assist with excess runoff and may help protect your home’s foundation, oftentimes homeowners still require an interior solution to ensure that the inside of their home stays dry. A steady soaking rain can put down enough water that it can end up in your home. You want to prevent that from happening.

Prepared and ready for interior foundation drain tile installationAt Adams Foundation Repair, we generally recommend an Interior Tile Drain System in order to fully address your water woes. Let us take care of your drain tile installation. This will give you peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about water damage. Basement flooding is more than just a hassle—it can also be quite costly.

Some properties may need both a French drain and an Interior Tile Drain System. It really depends on the specifics of the situation, including how your property deals with water.

When it comes to determining what is best for you and your property, talk to a professional that can perform a thorough assessment and provide you with honest answers. You shouldn’t have to worry about water causing you any sort of damage. By working with a pro, you won’t have to. You’ll be able to feel confident that a solution is in place to deal with any water woes—now or in the future.

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