Premier Quality Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing in Bridgeton, MO

You made a huge investment when you purchased your home, and if you want to protect your investment, you need to make sure its got a strong and sturdy foundation. Without a proper foundation, you could find yourself dealing with issues like sticking doors and windows, bowed walls, or cracked floors. At Adams Foundation Repair, we offer quality foundation repair and basement waterproofing Bridgeton, MO residents trust. Our personalized approach to foundation repair ensures that your home, family, and investment remain protected for years to come. Continue reading to see what we can do for your home.

Foundation Repair Services in Bridgeton, MO

Foundation repair is by far our largest service that we offer to Bridgeton, MO residents. We have years of experience fixing all kinds of foundation issues and we can fix yours too, no matter how bad you may think it looks. Check your foundation for problems regularly and don’t hesitate to call us if you’ve noticed:

  • Bowing Walls
  • Cracks in Your Drywall
  • Sticking Doors or Windows
  • Sloping Floors
  • Leaning Chimney

Even if the issues you notice are minor, it’s important to get an expert opinion right away. When left untreated, small issues can morph into costly and dangerous problems in the future. Once we inspect your home and diagnose the issue, we have a number of solutions to fix your home’s foundation, including:

Basement Waterproofing Services in Bridgeton, MO

Missouri gets its fair share of rain, which is why basement waterproofing is our 2nd largest service. A proper waterproofing system is essential to keep your basement dry and mold-free. However, if it breaks, you’ll quickly run into some nasty problems. If you’ve noticed:

  • Mold/Mildew Growth or Musty Smell
  • Pests like Mice, Rats, or Insects
  • Basement Wall Cracks
  • Basement Moisture or Flooding

You’re due for a new and improved basement waterproofing system. When you start to notice pests, it’s likely you have cracks in your walls that are allowing them to get in. If pests can get in, so can water. More water can cause harmful mold to grow and affect your overall health. Get experts like our team at Adams Foundation Repair to fix the problem early. We can get your basement back to normal with solutions like:

What Else Can Adams Foundation Repair Do For You?

Your foundation and basement aren’t the only places that sometimes need fixing-up. Adams Foundation Repair wants to help you keep your entire home in good shape. On top of foundation repair and basement waterproofing, we can:

Rely on our team to keep your entire home safe and sound during the toughest storms and dry seasons.

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Adams Foundation Repair has been providing Bridgeton, MO residents with foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and other home repair services for many years. Don’t stress about your home. We fix issues fast, with little interruption to your life. Ready to get started on your home repairs? Call us today! You’ll even receive a free quote!

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