Energy Efficient Tips for Your St. Louis Home

How Can I Make My Home Energy-Efficient?

Here at Adams Foundation Repair, we believe in giving you the best services for the best prices. We know that you care about keeping energy costs down in your St. Louis home, which can be hard if you’re facing old, outdated systems in an older home that may be deteriorating with age. When you want to save on your energy bill, consider our crawl space or basement encapsulation services for your home.

What is Crawl Space/Basement Encapsulation?

In the midst of long, hot summers or rainy seasons, you want to stay cool while keeping your home energy efficient. A crawl space or basement encapsulation can help by insulating the inside of Wet/Leaking basementthe lower levels of your home to avoid any outside air traveling to your upper floors. Before an encapsulation, you may not realize that all the insulation, window replacements, door replacements, or other upgrades are doing very little until you insulate the lowest floor.

The foundation is one of the most critical parts of your home. Without encapsulation, your home could become a victim of the stack effect. This is where heated air rises, building negative pressure in the lower parts of your home. Air is then sucked into your home through your basement or crawl space. While this is happening, your heating and cooling systems are working overtime to keep your home at the right temperature and the air quality suffers.

Experts recommend encapsulation for every home with a crawl space because it ends up saving you around 20% on your energy bill, as well as helping the environment. You’ll be saving money and running your AC or heater less. That’s a big difference for your wallet.

Trust the Experts

You can avoid all the hassle and health issues while also saving money, simply by choosing foundation and basement professionals who know how to properly seal your basement, crawl space, or foundation. Cracks, bowing walls, shifting concrete, or drafty crawlspaces can all wreak havoc on your home’s energy efficiency. We will inspect your home and set you up with a quality crawl space encapsulation professional who listens to your needs and gets the job done right. Call Adams Foundation Repair for more information today!

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