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When you own a home, it’s important to be aware of all the problems that can occur over time. One major problem that can happen a lot relates to your drywall. Whether your home is newly built or pretty old, drywall cracks can easily form and create cosmetic and structural problems in your home. Smaller cracks usually aren’t as dangerous, but should still be checked out by a professional. These kinds of cracks usually appear exactly where the wall is weak, often above doors and windows. Adams Foundation Repair can help you fix these drywall cracks if you live in St. Louis and surrounding areas. Continue reading below to learn more about this common foundation problem.Crack running from wall to ceiling in home

What Causes Drywall Cracks?

Drywall cracks are often caused by foundation settlement. Settlement occurs when there are fluctuating moisture levels around the home, when there’s soil movement around and underneath the home, and when you have a shallow foundation. As stated before, small cracks are usually nothing to worry about yet, it’s when the cracks become bigger than 1/8 of an inch that you should contact a professional.

Do I Need to Fix This?

As with all foundation issues, it’s important to fix all problems related to the structural integrity of your home. Having cracks in your drywall can damage the overall security of your home and cause you to rack up huge bills in repairs. We can help you avoid all of that if you call us at the first sign of drywall cracks in your home.

Our Drywall Crack Solution

We have a number of proven solutions for all the problems your home may face due to foundation shifting and settlement. For drywall cracks, you want to make sure they are sealed completely and that the foundation has been adjusted back to its normal position. We use:

to fix various types of cracks in residential homes. You’re most likely to use carbon fiber in your home if you don’t need to keep water out.

Trust Adams Foundation Repair

We are a family-owned company with years of experience in drywall crack repair in St. Louis and beyond. If you’ve started to notice cracks in your home, no matter the size, it’s time to get some professional assistance. Give us a call today and you’ll receive a free quote!

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