Driveway Maintenance:  Show Your Driveway Some Appreciation!

Your driveway is a loyal friend that is often taken for granted.  It greets you in the morning as you leave for work and is the first thing that welcomes you home after a long, hard day.  It plays with your kids (bike-riding and hopscotch are its favorites) and loves to help you wash your car when it’s dirty.  It’s the first line of defense from dirt, crud, and germs that come home on your tires and shoes, and it takes it all with not a single complaint.

It’s time to show your driveway some gratitude for all it does for you and your family!

Street Creep

Street Creep Repair From the City

Concrete is not entirely solid.  It contains water vapor which means it expands and contracts with changing temperatures.  When concrete is contracted, dirt and gravel get into the joints, filling the space so when the concrete expands again, it has no choice but to push up against the next concrete slab.   When the street or road pushes towards the driveway, shifting slabs cause damage to the driveway pads, garage floor, and foundation.  This is called “Street Creep”.

Street Creep creates pressure that can push toward your home’s foundation.  Foundation repair can be considerably expensive so if Street Creep can be nipped in the bud with repairs to your driveway, you’ll save money in the long run.

If you have a concrete driveway and are experiencing Street Creep, merely filling the cracks isn’t going to stop the creep.  To prevent further damage, a flexible membrane called a Driveway Extension Joint should be installed. A 4-inch section is cut out of your driveway and a flexible expansion board is installed.  This will absorb the pressure and stop the concrete from creeping further up against your foundation.

Power Washing

A professional Power Washing can revitalize a tired-looking concrete driveway.  If you’ve ever seen a power washer in action, you understand why your garden hose just won’t cut it when it comes to cleaning your driveway.  The power washer does more than merely rinse your driveway, its high-pressure jets remove years from its surface.  It gets out any tiny debris which, over time, can damage your driveway.  You’ll be amazed at the difference in the color from before to after! Put Power Washing at the top of your list for regular Driveway Maintenance.


Twenty-four hours after your power washing, we’ll seal your driveway with a waterproof, non-acrylic sealer that penetrates into all of the nooks and crannies of your driveway to protect it from the elements and everyday wear and tear. Adding concrete sealing to your driveway maintenance can vastly increase the life of your concrete.

Of course, before we seal your driveway, we can repair any cracks that may have formed over the years to prevent them from getting worse.

Whether your driveway is concrete, stained or stamped concrete, or aggregate, we can repair, clean and seal it, and make it look like the day it was installed.  It’ll be like a spa day for your driveway! Regular driveway maintenance will repay you with many more years in your service!

If your driveway is looking shabby and in need of a little TLC, call Adams Foundation Repair at (636) 485-8018 today.  We’ll get your driveway looking new again!

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