Should I Repair my Foundation Myself?

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If you’re dealing with a foundation problem, then you may be considering DIY foundation repair. After all, you might have done other home repair projects around your house and don’t see how this is all that different. After some internet searching, you might even feel as though you’re on the right track but are still questioning whether it’s the best decision or not.

We understand that DIY foundation repair is tempting—and a lot of homeowners try it—which is why we want to help guide you in making the best choice.

Pros of DIY Foundation Repair

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DIY Foundation Repair Products

Without a doubt, the biggest pro to DIY foundation repair—and likely the reason you’re considering it—is cost savings. You may have heard that foundation repair can be expensive and you’re looking to save some money.

Besides doing the work “cheaper,” the other key reason why we hear homeowners attempt foundation repair is due to the satisfaction of doing the job on your own. If you’re a handy person and perform most of the repair work around your house then you might decide to try foundation work, too. After all, you always feel good when you’re able to solve a problem on your own.

The Cons of DIY Foundation Repair

Bad example of foundation repair
Bad Example of Foundation Crack Repair

While we understand that it may seem like a cost savings and that it can be satisfying to do your own work, the truth is that the risks associated with doing your own foundation repairs are simply so great that they easily outweigh these two benefits.

For one, while it’s true that you can save some money upfront by performing foundation repair on your own, should your repair fail because you did the work incorrectly (or because you used the wrong solution for the problem you’re facing), then you’ll be out your investment and still have to throw more money at the problem to fix it.

However, had you worked with a professional who guarantees their work, if the solution were to fail, the work would be covered with a lifetime warranty. This is invaluable when it comes to long-term peace of mind and certainly worth paying a little more money to have the work professionally done.

Another downside to doing the work on your own is the level of professionalism of the job. The truth is, if you’ve done a DIY fix and go to sell your home later, a home inspector would see that unprofessional repair and call a professional out to re-do the work. That may mean having to pay for it to be professionally done anyways (on top of what you’ve already invested for your DIY repair). In this case, you would have been better off just having it done professionally from the start.

Finally, it’s also important to mention that when attempting DIY repair, you risk causing injury to yourself or additional damage to your home. Should this happen, you’ll be increasingly frustrated that you didn’t just contact a professional from the get-go.

Working with Foundation Repair Companies

As you can see, there are some big downsides when it comes to DIY foundation repair. But when you hire a professional to perform your foundation repair, you can feel confident that the job is going to get done the right way. That’s important when it comes to something as vital as proper waterproofing. After all, the last thing that you want is for your foundation repair to fail and water to get into your home and cause costly damage.

With professional foundation repair, you can expect excellent work—assuming you choose a reputable and knowledgeable company. When you work with Adams, you’ll feel confident knowing that we are certified through the manufacturers to perform structural repairs. That means if it turns out a crack repair isn’t enough to solve your problem, we have more advanced options we can try. And when we do, we’re not guessing at what’s needed as you might be when performing a DIY job. We’re trained and skilled to know exactly what solution will work best for your needs.

In the end, while DIY foundation repair may be a temptation, it’s simply not worth it. We hope that by understanding your options, that you’ll make a wise choice when it comes to your foundation repair.

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