Take Care of Your Cracked Slab Floor in St. Louis

More and more homeowners are choosing to finish their basements and turn them into proper living spaces. One common concern for many of these homeowners is the cracks in their slab floors. These homeowner’s concerns are often justified. Cracks in slab floors should be inspected and repaired (if necessary) by a professional before any renovation process begins. Fortunately for homeowners in the St. Louis area, Adams Foundation Repair has the knowledge and experience to help them at an affordable price.

What Causes Cracks in Slab Floors?

Most cracks in slab floors are a result of water-evaporation during the concrete curing process. As the water evaporates, the slab shrinks slightly which can create small hairline cracks. These cracks are not serious and should simply be sealed.

However, cracks that are wider than 1/4 inch, expanding, or heaving indicate that the soil underneath is unstable and shifting as a result of changes in the moisture-level or washout of the soil. As the moisture level in the soil beneath a slab floor changes, it can shrink or expand, creating expanding cracks or heaving cracks.cracked concrete floor

Do I Need to Fix This?

Since your concrete floor doesn’t support your home, cracks in the slab flooring don’t pose a threat to structural integrity. However, these cracks are not only unsightly but allow water, pests, and soil gasses to enter your basement. Small cracks with no signs of heaving can easily be sealed. Cracks that are 1/4 inch across, expanding, or showing signs of heaving should be evaluated and repaired by a professional like those at Adams Foundation Repair.

Our Crack Slab Floor Solution

There are two primary methods for repairing cracked slab floors. The first and most cost-effective solution is to inject polyurethane in small holes drilled into the slab. The polyurethane quickly expands, supporting and lifting the concrete slab. Once this process is accomplished, the cracks can be sealed.

The second solution is to install slab piers underneath the slab flooring to support and restore the slab to level ground. This process is used to correct slabs supported by unstable soils and involves drilling holes into the slab. Next, a push pier or helical pier is driven into stable load-bearing soil strata. Finally, brackets are installed which permanently supports the slab.

Trust Adams Foundation Repair

When it comes to repairing cracked slab floors, there is no one better than Adams Foundation Repair. We have the knowledge and experience to help you with all your concrete slab problems. You can always count on us to provide our high-quality solutions at a competitive price. Are you ready to take care of your home? Give us a call today for a free quote!

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