Checklist for Summer: Water Your Home Foundation










Who’s ready for summer?  Here in Missouri, it’s normal to experience some HOT summer days and nights.  It’s also common to see summer temperatures rise to 90 degrees or higher.  We’ve already seen temperatures in the 90s and it’s only May.  It’s important to be on top of your game with your home’s maintenance, especially watering your foundation.

It may sound odd to “water your foundation,” but moisture is the key to a good, healthy foundation and keeps your soil from drying out.  A dried-out foundation results in cracking and if left untreated, can lead to serious foundation issues.  Foundation cracks can produce long-term damage so they should always be treated sooner rather than later.

On a hot, sunny day soil shrinks and contracts.  When your foundation becomes too dry, cracks can form and you may see significant foundation settling, and your foundation walls may become frail and unstable.  Not to mention, sagging floors, as well as gaps and openings around your windows and doors.

Investing in a standard, timed sprinkler system is a good place to start.  A controlled timer is important so you don’t over-water your home’s foundation, which can also lead to serious foundation problems like flooding or pooling water.  This will help lock in just enough moisture to prevent your home’s foundation from cracking, sinking, or shifting.

Watering your foundation will surely help with structural damage prevention, although it’s also recommended to schedule regular foundation inspections.  Adams Foundation Repair is your trusted foundation repair experts and can provide the service that you need.  It’s always better to take care of foundational issues ahead of time.

So what are you waiting for?  CALL Adams Foundation Repair today!  For more information, questions, or concerns about your home’s foundation, CALL your St. Charles County And St. Louis County Foundation Repair experts at 636-485-8018.


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