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Exterior brick facades can add value to and enhance the beauty of your home. Unfortunately, though, as the mortar holding the bricks together ages, it can become brittle and easily damaged. Even small shifts and settling of your foundation can lead to stair-step cracks between bricks. However, sometimes these cracks are indications of a more serious problem. Adams Foundation Repair can help homeowners in the St. Louis area determine the extent of damage and restore their home’s beauty and value.

What Causes Cracks in Mortar?

Homes tend to shift and settle over time. This shifting and settling will often lead to small cracks in the mortar of brick foundations and facades. Over time, the mortar will become brittle, making it particularly susceptible to cracks.

However, many times, cracked mortar is the first visible symptom of deeper underlying foundation problems. Damaged foundations or basement walls caused by extreme changes in the moisture level of the soils surrounding a home can lead to cracks in the exterior mortar that widen over time.Applying Mortar Between bricks

Do I Need to Fix This?

Hairline cracks are usually nothing more than an unsightly nuisance. They can be repaired in order to restore the original appearance of the brickwork. However, these cracks may be indications of potentially serious underlying problems. If the cracks are expanding or greater than 1/4-inch-wide, they should be evaluated by an experienced professional. If an underlying problem is identified, it is important to repair the problem before more damage occurs.

Our Cracked Mortar Solution

In many cases, the solution for minor hairline cracks is tuckpointing. This process removes deteriorating and damaged mortar from the crack line and replaces it with new mortar to restore the original beautiful appearance.

If cracks are the result of underlying problems, those problems would need to be addressed using one of the following common solutions:

  • Push piering
  • Helical piering
  • Steel wall braces
  • Helical tie backs

Once the underlying problem has been addressed, tuckpointing can be used to restore a seamless appearance.

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