Basement Moisture & What To Do About It

It’s officially summer!  School is out, the pool is packed, and everyone is out and about soaking up the hot summer days and enjoying the cool nights.  With all the hustle and bustle during summertime, it’s also important to pay special attention to your basement and crawlspace areas.

Is your basement or crawlspace area humid or do you notice a muggy feeling?  Maybe you detect a musty smell?  Excess moisture and humidity can cause toxic mold to grow in your basement or crawlspace.  Did you know black mold can grow in 24 hours?  Yikes!  Avoid these serious long term health risks all together and CALL the waterproofing experts at Adams Foundation Repair.  Schedule an inspection today.

Proper ventilation is key when it comes to your basement or crawlspace.  When the humidity in your home is balanced, your air conditioner or furnace doesn’t have to work tirelessly and you’ll save on energy costs.  If you see a lot of moisture build up in your home, invest in an aprilaire dehumidifier to reduce any dampness.  Aprilaire dehumidifiers were recognized as the most efficient whole-home dehumidifiers for 2022.  Protect your home from mildew, bacteria, decay, and airborne pollutants.

Also keep an eye out for holes and cracks in your foundation.  Sealing cracks and holes in your foundation will help prevent water and moisture from sneaking through.  And the best part?  You’ll SAVE MONEY in the long run by waterproofing your basement or crawlspace.

Did you know when you invest in waterproofing you reduce energy costs? Get those cracks sealed up and increase your energy efficiency!  Adams Foundation Repair is your St. Charles County and St. Louis County go-to for foundation repair and waterproofing service.

Do you have basement water problems or flooding?  Find your waterproofing solutions right here.  CALL Adams Foundation Repair at 636-485-8018 for your foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and crawlspace support needs.  Adam Foundation Repair waterproofing professionals can give you an estimate today!

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