ArmorClad Garage and Basement Epoxy Floor Coating in St. Louis

ArmorClad Garage and Basement Epoxy Floor Coating

Adams Foundation is pleased to announce another new service in St. Charles and St. Louis County available called ArmorClad.  If you’re looking to update or give an extreme makeover to your garage or basement flooring, ArmorClad 100% solids, epoxy coating is your answer.  ArmorClad is the industry’s top epoxy floor coating system and more distinctive than any other floor coating system!

Transform your residential or commercial, dull garage floor into a professional, exquisite exterior that won’t peel or flake!  Epoxy garage flooring is durable and built to last.  Also, did we mention maintenance free?!  No waxing or upkeep is needed.  Our ArmorClad epoxy floor coating produces a high-quality, chemical resistant finish that isn’t threatened by impact, scratches, chipping, or stains.

Whereas traditional garage floor paint typically dries on the surface and easily strips off, ArmorClad garage floor epoxy is a bit different, and nearly impossible to remove.  The process is quite simple.  Let our professionals handle the floor prep and installation.  First, Adams Foundation Repair experts apply ArmorEtch etching solution, which creates microscopic pores within the flooring.  Then, we apply ArmorClad to your floor.  Once applied to your garage or basement floor, a unique chemical reaction begins, attaching the layer to the floor as a strong foundation.  Did you know our epoxy coating is 10 times thicker, and more robust, than home-center type epoxy?

ArmorClad epoxy floor coating is available in a variety of classic, base colors, fleck colors and patterns.  The options are endless.  Customize to fit your taste.

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You deserve lifelong durable protection and an exquisite epoxy floor coating … That’s ArmorClad.  Adams Foundation Repair is your solution for not only foundation repair, and waterproofing, but also epoxy garage and basement floor coating in St. Charles and St. Louis County.  What are you waiting for?  Call Adams Foundation Repair at 636-485-8018.  Take one step closer to finishing your garage or basement project.

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